About the Chappelle Group

The Chappelle Group Corporation (TCG), a healthcare performance improvement company, focuses on helping clients achieve financial and operational sustainably required to meet the needs of their community.

Our Unique Value

Our client partners choose TCG because of our effective revenue cycle leadership in crisis solutions, improvement of cash performance and operational efficiency, customized solutions and our Kaizen approach to management.

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Revenue Cycle Management

TCG is focused on improving your entire healthcare services revenue cycle. This cycle starts with scheduling and ends with cash collections. Throughout the revenue cycle breakdowns can occur. Rarely revenue cycle problems stem from a single source; in our experience you find deficiencies in education, training, staffing levels, workflow, or poorly implemented computer software. Each deficiency presents an unacceptable risk and must be addressed as part of a comprehensive solution.

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    Patient Access Care Assessment

    Our experienced Patient Access Consultants gathers information necessary to assess department staffing, skills, processes and system usage.

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    Revenue Integrity Assessment

    Our consultants work closely with your organization’s existing multi-disciplinary teams using a work by exception approach to ensure optimal charge levels and a clean billing environment.

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    Accounts Receivable Assessment

    We will analyze your 837 Electronic Claim Filings and 835 Electronic Remittance Processing transaction activities to assist in determining deficiencies.

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    Optimizing Operations and Financial Results

    TCG will provide a written work plan containing the assessments of your overall revenue cycle operations, and recommendations for the creation, implementation and monitoring of workable solutions.