Accounts Receivable Assessment

Our experienced Accounts Receivable Consultants gathers information necessary to assess department staffing, skills, processes and system usage. Our consultants work closely with your organization’s patient financial services teams. We will analyze your 837 Electronic Claim Filings and 835 Electronic Remittance Processing transaction activities to assist in determining deficiencies. 

TCG provides your organization with specific findings and recommendations on the following areas:

  • Billing
  • Follow-up Management
  • Payment Posting
  • Bad Debt & Agency Management
  • Aging Analysis by Payer
  • Unbilled Accounts Receivable
  • Late Charge Postings by Service Area
  • Service to Billing Timeframes
  • Billing to Follow-Up Timeframes
  • Service to Collection Timeframes
  • Claim Denial Volumes
  • Bad Debt Write offs
  • Bad Debt Recovery Levels
  • Credit Balance Levels
  • Cash Collection to Net Revenue Ratio
  • Cost to Collect
  • Payment Validation Accuracy

Typically within four to six weeks after obtaining all pertinent information, TCG will prepare a detailed operational assessment of accounts receivable that identify deficiencies, risks and opportunities for improvements.

Risk Factors:

  • High Unbilled Receivables
  • Timed-out Denials
  • Excessive AR Levels > 90 days
  • Loose write-off protocols
  • Excessive Credit/Adjustments
  • Excessive Staffing Levels
  • Lack of reconciliations and controls
  • Performance monitoring transaction focused