Past Experience

TCG is focused on improving your entire healthcare services revenue cycle. This cycle starts with scheduling and ends with cash collections. Throughout the revenue cycle breakdowns can occur. Rarely revenue cycle problems stem from a single source; in our experience you find deficiencies in education, training, staffing levels, workflow, or poorly implemented computer software. Each deficiency presents an unacceptable risk and must be addressed as part of a comprehensive solution.

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    Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) Federal Employee Program

    Project Scope: Revision, expansion and deliverable of a standard operating procedure manual for plan relations and plan operations unit

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    Chartered Health Plan

    Project Scope: Created new actuary statistical standards for new payer to provider reimbursement contract. Performed business entity analysis.

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    Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems

    Project Scope: Interim Management: 5 locations Pharmacy, Central Business Office (eight hospital health system)

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    Not-for-Profit Hospital Corporation

    Project Scope: Interim Management: Patient Financial Services Department and Skilled Nursing Billing Department, charge master audit and update, revenue cycle taskforce

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    Capital Medical Center

    Project Scope: Accounts Receivable (AR) work-down, year-end CMS regulatory coding update, revenue cycle task force.

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    The William & Sally Tandet Center

    Project Scope: Interim Management: Fiscal reengineering, revision of accounts payable policies and medical recovery.

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    Sentient Medical Systems

    Project Scope: Interim Management

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    Stamford Health Systems

    Project Scope: Interim Management, Interim CFO (SNF), Accounts Receivable (AR) work down, employee benefit analysis and audit, interim accounting services.