Revenue Integrity Assessment

Our experienced Revenue Integrity Consultants gathers information necessary to assess department staffing, doctor skills, processes and system usage. Our consultants work closely with your organization's existing multi-disciplinary teams using a work by exception approach to ensure optimal charge levels and a clean billing environment. TCG review provides your organization with specific findings and recommendations on the following functional areas:

  • Coding accuracy
  • Clinical documentation
  • Medical necessity review
  • Charge entry administration
  • Charge capture
  • Revenue reconciliation
  • Management of the charge description master

TCG will complete a detailed revenue integrity assessment of the revenue cycle to identify opportunities for improvement, while also focusing on operational and compliance with HIPAA privacy and security standards.

Risk Factors:

  • Clinical ownership unclear
  • Poor documentation of medical care
  • Lack of monitoring process
  • Ineffective data tools
  • CDM updates are not timely