Meet the Founders

The Chappelle Group Corporation (TCG), this a healthcare performance improvement company, try focuses on helping clients achieve financial and operational sustainability required to meet the needs of their community.

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Jamal Chappelle
Managing Partner/CEO

Jamal Chappelle is a founding member, managing partner and chief executive officer of The Chappelle Group. With over 20 years experience, Mr. Chappelle has managed over $1 billion annually in client revenue. Some of his recent notable leadership accomplishments include leading an urban, safety-net hospital to profitability after a 20-year deficit and managing the central business office across a major health system in Maine leading the collection of over $600 million in annual cash receipts. Jamal is a graduate of Morehouse College with a degree in Finance.

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Melvin Hines

Melvin Hines is a founding member and chief financial officer of The Chappelle Group. Mr. Hines’ expertise includes government health care financial program product development and implementation, audit and compliance management and M&A project management. With over 20 years experience, Mr. Hines has managed in excess of $800 million of government funds and performed engagements with the largest health plan for federal employees. Melvin is the graduate of Morehouse College and George Washington University with degrees in Accounting and an MBA in Accounting/Health Care Administration.